Dr. Moss

Dr. Jennifer Moss is a graduate of Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine and is a licensed member of the College of Naturopathic Physicians in British Columbia.  She also holds a diploma from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy and is a member of the College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia.

Jennifer Moss is naturopathic physician and registered massage therapist dedicated to finding the root cause of her patient's health challenges.  She then works together with her patients to choose the most effective solutions for the restoration of optimal mobility and peace of mind, body and spirit.  
​With a passion for personal and professional growth, a curiosity for finding the deeper connections in life, and a commitment to finding effective natural treatment solutions, Dr. Moss will join you on your journey towards your optimal health and well being, and in doing so create space for you to get back to living your life's dreams, purpose and goals.
Dr. Moss treats a wide variety of health concerns for infants, children, adults and seniors.
My story and therapeutic interests
My clinical experience began in 1994 as a massage therapy student at the West Coast College of Massage Therapy.  As I gained more practical experience as a massage therapist I could see that though my therapeutic tools were valuable, my curiosity to delve deeper into my patient's health concerns and broaden my diagnostic and therapeutic toolbox led me on the path to pursuing Naturopathic Medicine and its incredible scope of practice, therapeutic principles and treatment modalities.  In 2005 I graduated from Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine in New Westminster, BC.

It is with great gratitude and privilege that I find myself now providing naturopathic care to my community.

As a lover of self growth, education, digging deep to find the answers, all ultimately driven by curiosity, I have continued to seek continuing education opportunities.  The continuing education and training that I've particularly been drawn to have continued to be within the pain science and therapy field, in particular perineural injection therapy (PIT), prolotherapy and neural therapy.  I share more about these treatments in my website.

My goal in my treatment room is to meet my patients where their goals and values lie - meaning to identifying what is most important for them, what their goals are, and providing options for care so my patient's have the power to choose what is right for them.

I see a wide variety of health concerns in my practice from acute conditions like the common cold and headaches to more chronic conditions like autoimmune illnesses and cancer.  

That being said, here are some health challenge areas that I often work with in my office:

  • acute and chronic pain conditions 

  • hormone health

  • women's and men's health

  • children's health

  • senior's health

  • digestive health concerns

  • weight challenges

  • food sensitivities

  • seasonal and environmental allergies

  • arthritis

  • sports injuries 

  • repetitive strain injuries

  • acute & chronic infection

  • detoxification

  • mental/emotional health and well being

​Practical experience & training include:

Dr. Moss is board certified in Advanced Injection Therapies Part A & B (Prolotherapy), Acupuncture, Intravenous & Chelation Therapy, and Pharmaceutical prescription.  

Dr. Moss has prescriptive authority and therefore can prescribe pharmaceutical medications when necessary, and refill any ongoing prescriptions.



"The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician.  Therefore, the physician must come from nature, with an open mind." ~ Paracelsus (1493-1541)


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