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106-41105 Tantalus Rd.

Squamish, BC V8B 0N3


To schedule a telemedicine appointment you may book online, call or email the clinic.


Phone: 604-898-1999

Fax: 604-898-1986

Email: squamishclinic@shaw.ca


Hannah, Office Administrator


Current Clinic Hours

Dr. Moss is working her regular office hours and seeing patients via Telemedicine.

Telemedicine appointments can be booked online or please call the clinic to schedule a time.

There are no in-office visits at this time.


Dr. Moss's Telemedicine Clinic Hours:

Monday:  9:00am-5:00pm
Wednesday:  9:00am-6:00pm
Friday:  9:00am-5:00pm


Reception Phone-line is Open:

Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm to:

  • Schedule Telemedicine appointments

  • Arrange for supplement refills

  • Arrange for supplement 'Porch Pick-up'

Please call if you have any questions.



The capacity for optimal wellness or an improved quality of life

is inherent in every body.


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